Field visit to WASH project team 17-2-2020

Within the project of providing water, sanitation and hygiene services in the most affected hosting sites (Darwan – Al-Raqqa – Azraqin – Al-Sawad) in Hamadan District – Sana’a Governorate

Funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF)

The YGUSSWP team visited the field and during the visit it was:

1- put YGUSSWP’s logo on the complaints box.

2- Determine the sites for constructing bathrooms.

3- Determine the bathrooms to be rehabilitated.

4- Ensure that the camps are supplied with chlorinated water.

5- Listening to the displaced people and their opinions on the method of distributing and constructing the new baths and rehabilitating the old baths.

6- The IDPs definition of the mechanism to carry out the work that will be carried out, which is a cash for work.

7- Registering families who own bathrooms also who will be building new bathrooms.

9- Take into account the privacy of the families of the displaced in the distribution of bathrooms to be established.

10- Awareness of private and public hygiene.