Rain floods camps for the displaced in Hamdan District

In light of the tragic situation in which the displaced people live, the rainwater that fell heavily in Yemen during the past two days flooded the camps for the displaced in Hamadan (Dharawan – Al-Raqqa – AL Azarqain), and tents, mattresses and blankets were washed away and washed away the household utensils and simple holdings they own, while the surrounding lands and fields appeared It is more like a large swamp and rainwater has run abundantly in the middle.

The torrential rains and the torrential rain that caused them from the plastic waders caused severe damage.

In light of these conditions and in light of the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus “Covid-19”, the field team of the YGUSSWP within the framework of the project to “Improve living conditions by the provision of NFIs, Emergency Shelter, and Rental Subsidies for the most vulnerable people in Hamdan & Bani Hushaysh of Sana’a governorate، working Striving to provide life-saving emergency supplies to the displaced population.