Within the project to improve living conditions through the provision of non-food items, shelter materials and rental subsidies to the poorest people and with funding from the YHF

The General Syndicate of Yemeni Social and Psychologists launched (Rent Subsidy Activity Activity) in Hamadan District.

Where funds will be distributed to the poorest families to pay the rents monthly for a period of six months to alleviate the suffering of the families due to the difficult living conditions, and will benefit from financial aid for the rent subsidies 174 families from the displaced families.

Among the preventive measures for the Corona virus followed by the General Union YGUSSWP, the work of field teams is awareness and guidance activities for the prevention of the Corona virus – COVID 19, and in remittance exchange points, measures and means have been taken to prevent the use of masks and gloves and distribute them to the beneficiaries. Also distribute flyers and educational posters, where they carry out Teams distribute aid to several distribution centers, to do the crowding to limit the transmission of the Coronavirus.

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