Within the framework of the activities of managing and coordinating the camps and hosting sites for the displaced in Sana’a Governorate

The field teams of the General Syndicate for Yemeni Social and Psychological Specialists YGUSSWP implemented a field survey to evaluate the hosting sites for the displaced in Hamadan and Bani Hashish regions.

The first stage from 2 to 8 June 2020

Where the objectives of the disembarkation focused on the following:

Evaluate the sites hosting the displaced according to the site report tool.
Evaluate and identify gaps and needs at the level of each site, in order of priority.
Evaluating and updating family data, especially in locations where updated data are not available.
Restrict the service provider to the sites, with limited community elites, and specify the contact points of each site.

During this activity, field and educational outreach teams implemented awareness brochures to prevent Corona virus (Covid 19) and took preventive measures for the virus.







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