An inspection visit to the program manager

The Program manager made an inspection visit in response to the humanitarian and relief work, Dr. Haroon Al-Madhhaji today, during an inspection visit to the workflow process in implementing the shelter upgrade activity within the project of Improve living conditions by provision of NFIs, Emergency Shelter,
Rental Subsidies for the most vulnerable people in Hamdan & Bani Hushaysh of Sana’a governorate.

And that is on 2-7-2020.

Funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund YHF, and implemented by YGUSSWP.

During his visit, he was briefed on the implementation of the shelter upgrade activity, and Dr. Haroon listened to a detailed explanation of the activity presented by the project director, Dr. Salahuddin Thabit, on the mechanism of implementation of the activity and the technical specifications under which the implementation and the materials used.

Haroon emphasized that additional efforts should be made and work within the laid down plans and the required technical specifications, as well as the quality of the materials used in the process of implementing the activity.