UNHCR representative in Yemen visit to the community center in Sana’a Governorate affiliated to YGUSSWP:

Mr. Jean-Nicolas Beuze, UNHCR’s representative in Yemen, and his accompanying delegation, which included. Reem Al-Wajjih. Field Assistant, Sana’a Branch, Mr. Marco Rotunno, CCCM national Cluster Coordinator , Mr. Alejandro Stoller, the External Relations Officer, Mr. Bassam Al-Baadani,Sana’a CCCM coordinator , and Shadi Abu Senaida, a Media Officer ,visited the IDP community center in Sana’a governorate, which is running  by YGUSSWP.

The delegation was welcomed by, Refa’at Hassan YGUSSWP Director,

YGUSSWP programs manager, project manager and project staff .

Performance of the year 2020, the intervention plan, the gaps in the year 2021, and the lessons learned were presented. The UNHCR country representative discussed the professional and technical concerns of the community center with the team, praising the remarkable efforts made by YGUSSWP and its team.

During the visit, The UNHCR country representative was briefed on the departments of the community center and the services that the community center provides to the IDPs, including protection services, shelter/NIFs and CCCM activities.

Also, the UNHCR country representative visited Shibam Al-Gharras camp and viewed the activities conducted by YGUSSWP in the camp, psychological support for displaced children, moreover; he met with community committee who in turn emphasized the humanitarian efforts and services provided by UNHCR IP (YGUSSWP).

The UNHCR country representative thanked YGUSSWP team’s humanitarian efforts describing it as wonderful. In the same context, the representative of SCMCHA, Sana’a governorate branch, Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Nawab, attended the meeting as well.

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