For the sake of meeting the IDPs’ needs in Shebam Al-gharass and Bait Qahdan IDPs Hosting Sites in Bani Hushaysh district, especially women, children, and the elderly who are greatly exposed to protection risks,  and within the framework of the response to the most vulnerable families, funded by UNHCR, the shelter team distributed 34 ESKs to the most vulnerable HHs ( 30 ESKs in Shebam Al-gharass and 4 ESKs in Bait Qahdan IDPs sites in Bani Hushaysh district ) to ensure that the needy IDPs in the two sites can face the coming winter peacefully.

The ESKs provided have met the IDPs needs and enhanced their protection and warmth.

The BNFs, in return, showed their endless gratitude to UNHCR and YGUSSWP for providing them with ESKs needed before winter season coming.



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