Emergency Protection Mobile Team Interventions for the most conflict-affected communities and IDPs. 

Funded by UNICEF

During the period 27-31 Aug 2016.

The YGUSSWP has conducted comprehensive emergency protection interventions for the most conflict-affected communities and IDPs in Sana’a governorate among 6 districts(Arhab – Bani Hushaysh – Bani Matar – Hamdan – Sanhan – Nihm)

These interventions have been conducted through the YGUSSWP mobile teams and they have reached out around (9985) of beneficiaries ‘’ boys, girls, women, and men’.

The main goal of these interventions were to respond to the humanitarian situation through the identification of the needs of basic services for the most affected IDPs and host community through conducting CPRA, and responding to children physical and psychosocial harm and protection concerns via the mobile PSS activities,  and to raise the community consciousness (children and their families) on the risks of mines & UXOs , and to build the capacities of the targeted communities (men and women) on how to provide psychosocial first aid and the medical first aid and raising their awareness on child protection issues during emergencies.

The YGUSSWP have reached out total of   3604 children (boys and girls) through the emergency protection interventions; as 1912 children (1130 boys and 782 girls) have received psychosocial support and increased their awareness on protection issues, in addition total of 1692 children (1055 boys and 637 girls) have enhanced their awareness on the risks of mines & UXOs.

Furthermore, the YGUSSWP mobile teams succeed to targeted total of 6381 men and women through the comprehensive emergency protection activities; and as a results for these efforts total of 2373 (1193 men and women1180) have increased their awareness and knowledge on medical first aid and how to do the basic medical first aid, and around 2069 (1258 men and 811 women) have enhanced their awareness on the risks of mines & UXOs. Moreover, total of 1939 (981 men and 958 women) have increased their awareness and knowledge on CP issues, and how to provide PFA and how to deal with their children during emergencies.

The YGUSSWP also conducted CPRA among 6 districts in Sana’a governorate during the period 27-31Aug 2016, to identify the needs of the conflict-affected communities and IDPs and identifying the protection risks that children exposed to in emergencies situations such as (GBV, grave violations, risks of mines & UXOs …etc.

Moreover, the mobile teams have identified 40 of vulnerable children in need of support and referral to key services providers and most of them need medical care and psychosocial support. In addition, the teams have identified # of grave violations incidents related to the death and injured of 48 children and adults due to the airstrike booming of the Arab Force Collation that lead by Saudi Arabia.