Emergency Response Project 1-3-2020 to 30-4-2020

The Emergency Response to the newly displaced families with NFIs support project in Sanaa Governorate, Bani Hashish district

Project implementation: (YGUSSWP)

Funding: UNHCR

Target areas: Bani Hashish District – Sana’a Governorate.

Time period: two months (1-3-2020 / 30-4-2020)

The project includes an emergency response aimed at providing the necessary protection for newly displaced people due to recent events to meet their needs of non-food items and emergency shelter by providing (400) non-food items (NFIs) and (40) emergency shelter bags (ESKs) for IDPs arriving from the Directorate Naham and Marib to the Directorate of Bani Hashish, Sana’a Governorate.

This emergency project will continue for a period of two months, starting from March 1 and ending on April 30, 2020 . The process of surveying and verification of new cases displaced due to the recent events will provide the necessary assistance and as a quick and urgent response to them.