(YGUSSWP) launched the Emergency Shelter Distribution Activity in Sana’a Governorate (Hamdan Directorate), which is part of the project’s activities “Improve living conditions by provision of NFIs, Emergency Shelter, Rental Subsidies for the most vulnerable people in Hamdan & Bani Hushaysh of Sana’a governorate.” with support from YHF.

The activity that YGUSSWP continues to implement is aimed at meeting the needs of displaced persons, who are in very difficult conditions because of their displacement from conflict areas and because of the floods and rains that have damaged their homes.

During the inauguration, 25 emergency shelters were distributed to:

25 families in the region of the Aarrah (Madam, Al Hatab, the Alreqqah and the Alhmraa).

Distribution continues for the rest of the target areas.