Within the activities of distributing non-food items to the displaced, carried out by YGUSSWP and with the support of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund YHF.

The second round was carried out by distributing (154 non-food items NFIs) (mattresses – blankets – kitchen tools – mats – two water buckets) targeting 154 beneficiary families in Hamadan District (Shamlan) in Sana’a Governorate, and the distribution took place on October 5, 2020.

309 – boys – 237 – men – 250 – girls – 286 – women = 1028 individuals

In addition, exchange, verification and conformity committees were established for women and men to facilitate the exchange process, take into account gender, and take precautionary measures against  (Covid-19) by distributing masks to beneficiaries and setting signs of social distancing.

During the disbursement process, the beneficiaries’ complaints and suggestions were listened to by the monitoring and evaluation officer.

Distribution activities will continue in Hamadan district during the coming period.

This comes within of the project “Improve living conditions by provision of NFIs, Emergency Shelter, Rental Subsidies for the most vulnerable people in Hamdan & Bani Hushaysh of Sana’a governorate”.