YGUSSWP, with the support of the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), has concluded the implementation of non-food items distribution activities for IDPs that were planned to be implemented during the current month of November, Where 358 (NFIs) bags were distributed, and the bag contained (mattresses – blankets – kitchen tools – mats – two water buckets) to 358 targeted IDP families in Bani Hasheesh district in Sana’a governorate.

The precautionary measures have been taken to prevent the emerging # Corona virus, # Covid_19. According to the precautionary measures against the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In addition to the introduction of protection standards (gender) and the work of exchange and reception committees for women and men separately.

This comes within the framework of the distribution activities carried out by the General Syndicate YGUSSWP within the project to improve living conditions by providing non-food items, emergency shelter and rental subsidies to the most vulnerable groups in the districts of Hamadan and Bani Hushaish, Sana’a Governorate.