Within the activities of the project (Improve living conditions by provision of NFIs, Emergency Shelter,
Rental Subsidies for the most vulnerable people in Hamdan & Bani Hushaysh of Sana’a governorate.)

It is funded by the YHF – Yemen Humanitarian Fund

(YGUSSWP) implemented the activity of paying rent subsidies for 200 families for the seventh phase in Hamadan District for the month of November, 2020

Where the disbursement took place in the whereabouts of the beneficiaries and with the effective participation of the local community and the displaced, and coordination with the shelter block – and with the local authority and the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sana’a Governorate and Hamadan District.

Emphasis was placed on ensuring the protection of vulnerable groups such as disability, the elderly and vulnerable individuals during the distribution and taking into account gender.

Beneficiaries were distributed in the (Abeya Exchange Center).

The field team went to all distribution centers to educate the beneficiaries of the precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus (Covid 19). The beneficiaries of the follow-up and evaluation team were educated about the complaints mechanism and the beneficiaries were delivered with brochures about the complaints mechanism and the definition of the project.

Complaints were received from the beneficiaries via the hotline and interviewed with the follow-up and evaluation team. Solutions were taken for all complaints and documented