Final meeting of the awareness sessions

Today, Saturday, 12/19/2020 AD, the final meeting of the awareness sessions was held at main (YGUSSWP) office  which took place in the Hamdan displacement camps (Azraqin, Raqqa, and Dharwan) in the presence of the community awareness team (hygiene promoters), who were selected from the displacement camps (Al-Azraq, Raqqa, Dharawan) and the places surrounding the camps, where the number of awareness sessions reached (161) awareness sessions that were carried out during five phases, and the number of beneficiaries reached 4359 beneficiaries (from the displaced and the host community). These sessions carried awareness messages to change behaviors. And wrong practices are being carried out, and the awareness messages were as follows: –

Covid 19 virus (ways of transmission, symptoms, and how to prevent).

Watery diarrhea and cholera (ways of transmission, symptoms, and how to prevent).

Hand washing steps.

Methods for water purification and sterilization.

The importance of water chlorination.

How to get rid of human waste.

How to dispose of solid waste.

Mechanism for complaints and suggestions.

In terms of measuring the impact after implementing the awareness sessions, it has been noticed that community awareness has been raised among the displaced Hamdan (Azraq, Raqqa, and Dharawan) by applying the correct hand washing steps, as well as continuing to clean the environment at the camp level as a whole and on the individual level. .