With profound humanitarian features and a spirit of solidarity with the worsening humanitarian conditions of the displaced, especially in the shadow of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, (YGUSSWP) implemented the activity of disbursing rent subsidies for 200 affected displaced families who have moved from other directorates, and who live in living conditions Difficult, due to the soaring rents.

And for the eighth and final round in Hamadan District for the month of December, 2020

Within the activities of the project ((improving living conditions by providing non-food items, emergency shelter and rental subsidies for the most needy people in the districts of Hamadan and Bani Hasheesh – Sana’a)

It is funded by the YHF – Yemen Humanitarian Fund

And the disbursement took place in the whereabouts of the beneficiaries and with the active participation of the local community and the displaced, in coordination with the shelter block – and with the local authority and the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sana’a Governorate and in Hamadan District.

The field team went to all distribution centers to educate the beneficiaries of the precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus (Covid 19). The beneficiaries of the follow-up and evaluation team were educated about the complaints mechanism and the beneficiaries were delivered with brochures about the complaints mechanism and the definition of the project.

Complaints were received from the beneficiaries via the hotline and met with the follow-up and evaluation team, and solutions to all complaints were taken and documented.

The cash assistance provided helped alleviate the suffering of the displaced, in light of the high rents.