Within the project of protection services, shelter assistance / non-food items, and site management and coordination activities for targeted people from the UNHCR in Yemen) # funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees # (UNHCR)

The rehabilitation process of Al-I’tzaz School was launched in Al-I’tzaz camp as one of the projects to improve and maintain IDP hosting sites implemented by the # CCCM team of the General Syndicate (YGUSSWP) #. Start the next business

1_ Tartarsha works the outer walls.

2- It is necessary to carry out repairs and install windows for classrooms.

3- It is necessary to install, weld and repair the school doors.

4- To be tempted by the process of making it difficult and making tendencies on the roofs of the school classes


Promotes improving the educational process for displaced students by implementing an intervention that includes students, teachers and the school. As one of the priority needs in man-made.