In the context of raising the gaps and needs of shelter and non-food items in hosting sites for the displaced and responding to them, especially in the shadow of the severe frosts.

YGUSSWP has assessed the needs and referred gaps in non-food items at the Shibam El Grass site to UNHCR’s partner YGUSSWP, who dispatched the protection monitors’ team and made the assessment and submission to the commission, as well as the approval and rapid response from UNHCR and its partner.

As it took place on Thursday, 12-24-2020 AD. Distributing 72 non-food items bags by the YGUSSWP with the participation of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management Team, where the Camp Management Team helped in the distribution process together, making awareness of the displaced on site about the precautionary measures for Covid-19

This comes within the framework of the protection services project, shelter / non-food assistance assistance, and site management and coordination activities for targeted people from the UNHCR in Yemen) funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).