YGUSSWP concludes the third round  of the activities of distributing shelter materials from the Community Center for Displaced Persons, Bani Hashaysh, during the month of December 2020.

The “Community Center. Sana’a – YGUSSWP” ESKs & NFIs Distribution During Dec 2020

Within the framework of the project “Protection services, shelter / NFI assistance, and site management and coordination activities for the targeted persons of UNHCR in Yemen”

Funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Continues Community Center for Internally Displaced Persons – Beni Hashaysh, affiliated to (YGUSSWP) with the support of (UNHCR)

Implementing the activities of distributing shelter materials and non-food items to the displaced in several areas of the Bani Hashaysh district in the Sana’a governorate during the month of December.

Especially in light of the center’s efforts to respond urgently to the displaced.

Where the distribution activities were carried out as follows:

– 6 (NFIs kits) (mattresses – blankets – kitchen tools – mats – two water buckets).

– 14 ESKs emergency shelters

The center also continues to provide protection and shelter services during the current month of December, and they will be updated accordingly.