Now, IDPs in Al-Raqqa site can sleep with their children on mattresses & cover their bodies with blankets that they were deprived from due to their displacement and fleeing their homes with nothing; moreover, after providing them with the solar lamp, they can light their tents and using it to light their ways going to the latrines at night using the multifunctional solar lamp for better life condition.

And through concerted efforts by three sectors (protection, shelter, CCCM) & the coordination between these sectors that aims to alleviate the suffering of displaced people. Today, YGUSSWP; funded by UNHCR, distributed NFIs for 123 displaced HHs in Al-Raqqa camp and around it in Hamadan district. The distribution process was accompanied by social consulting sessions, psychological and social support, and legal consulting conducted by the community center’s mobile protection team.


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