In the context of visiting the community center, Sana’a governorate, a field visit was carried out to YGUSSWP/CC by Mr. Youssef Hasso (field officer UNHCR) accompanied by Miss Ghadeer Al-Shami & Mr. Abdullah Al-Qurashi. During the visit, Mr. Youssef Hasso was briefed on the community center sections & the services provided therein. Also, Mr Hasso met with the staff of the community center and had an overview regarding the nature of the work, their tasks, duties…etc.

In addition to that a presentation about the Semi-annual achievement of the project indictors for the three sectors, (Protection – Shelter – CCCM) was presented by the project manager. Beside that the CCCM achievement and challenges were presented by the CCCM Area Based Coordinator.

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