The downpours which happened on the few past days have exposed IDPs to rain, cold and wind. As IDPs live in weak built shelters that are covered with a collection of cloths and old plastic sheets that couldn’t withstand heavy rains and strong winds. In this context, YGUSSWP, supported by UNHCR conducted a rapid assessment to assess the affected HHs within IDP hosting sites. The needs were referred and the flood assessment was uploaded into Activity Info platform.


As a result to these exerted efforts made by YGUSSWP (CCCM – protection – Shelter sectors), an emergency response to the affected displaced families in Khat Al-Mayiah camp was carried out today where the following were conducted.

– Shelter upgrade (distribution of plastic sheets) for 125 affected HHs within the site.

– Psychological support for the children of the displaced HHs.

– Psychological support and legal guidance for IDPs carried out by YGUSSWP mobile team.


#YGYSSWP_ fulfilling the humanitarian responsibility_ Emergency response#




Psychological support for the children of the displaced HHs in Khat Al-Mayiah site, in Sanhan district by YGUSSWP mobile team, funded by UNHCR:



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