Coinciding with the cold winter and as a way of YGUSSWP contribution to take the hands of the displaced families and alleviating their suffering due to the cold winter, and in order to meet their basic needs, and within the project of Protection and assistance services in term of shelter and non-food items for the persons targeted by UNHCR in Yemen, funded by UNHCR, YGUSSWP’s team (Community Center for the displaced in Sana’a Governorate) in coordination with the branch of SCMCHA / Sana’a, distributed 15 ESKs for 15 HHs in Qa’a Al-Qubatain IDPs site in Bilad Ar-Rous District, Sana’a Governorate.

This assistance comes as a way to protect the displaced families, especially women, children and the elderly who are highly exposed to protection risks, and in the context of the response, coinciding with the approach of the bitter cold of winter. The beneficiaries are overwhelmingly grateful to UNHCR and YGUSSWP for providing them with the necessary needs before winter approaching.




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