In the context of providing winterization assistance to the most vulnerable IDPs, YGUSSWP’s shelter team distributed Mattresses and Blankets for 86 HHs in Hamdan, Bani Matar, Arhab, Bani Hushaysh, Sanhan and Bani Bahloul, Bilad Ar-Rous, Nihm, and Al-hayma Al-kharijia districts, funded by UNHCR, in order to help them face the current severe cold peacefully.

Providing life-saving Mattresses and Blankets has mitigated some of the IDPs’ suffering and will help them cope with the current severe cold, as such assistance will enhance the IDPs’ protection and warmth.

In return, the BNFs showed their endless gratitude to UNHCR and YGUSSWP for providing them with such assistance on the right time of need.



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