The YGUSSWP team, in coordination with SCMCHA/ Marib, within the integrated intervention project in the Sirwah district in Marib governorate, Within the site maintenance and improvement projects – CCCM sector , funded by the YHF, delivered a project to rehabilitate 8 wells and provide them with water supplies system and connect them to water points in the site (Al-Kafi – Al-Na’ra – Al-Khanaq – Al-Atfa – Adom – Hazm Al-Damaj – Al-Qalib), which benefited 420 IDPs HHs living in the site.
This activity comes to alleviate the suffering of the IDPs HHs in the camps and to reach clean, potable water and deliver it to the site instead of incurring the trouble of searching for water for long distances and hours. this project is considered one of the sustainable solutions to obtain pure water.



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