As part of the projects seeking to improve the infrastructure of the site of Sirwah district in Ma’rib governorate, the YGUSSWP team, in coordination with SCMCHA- Ma’rib , completed the Installation of 80 Latrines in the 7 sites of Sirwah district (Al-Kafi – Al-Na’ra – Edom – Hazm Al-Damaj – Al-Qalib – Al-Atfa – Al-Khanq). Within the Integrated Intervention Project for Shelter, Water, Protection,CCCM implemented by YGUSSWP and funded by YHF.
This activity comes as one of the projects aimed at creating a suitable environment for the IDPs HHs in the targeted sites, as 240 IDPs HHs benefited from this project, with a total number of 1682 individuals.




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