By education not only nations rise, but it also progress, and because of the great importance of education in the families’ lives, and by contribution of YGUSSWP to raising the educational level of IDPs families in Al-Kafi and Al-Na’ra sites in Sirwah district, Ma’rib governorate.
The YGUSSWP team, in coordination with SCMCHA/ Marib and funded by the YHF, inaugurated a project to rehabilitate the 26th of September school in Al-Kafi and Al-Na’ra sites, and provide students with school bags, as 175 HHs benefited from education services in that school.
This project is part of the integrated intervention project in Sirwah district, Marib governorate, Within the camp maintenance and improvement projects – CCCM sector, which is implemented by YGUSSWP and funded by YHF.





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