In light of the shortage of the lack of income resources and the increase in houses and apartments rent and as a contribution from YGUSSWP in order to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and vulnerable HHs, YGUSSWP launched in coordination with SCMCHA branch Amant Alasimah as part of improving the life conditions of the IDPs and host community of the most vulnerable by providing rental subsidies and shelter maintenance project that targets Bani Alharith district in ( Amanat Alasimah) and Hamdan district in (Sana`a) and Aslem district in ( Hajjah) funded by YHF.
Where YGUSSWP launched the first round of the first cycle of cash assistance/rental subsidies in Bani Alharith district – Amanat Alasimah for 360 displaced HHs and the most vulnerable HHs.
This activity comes as part of the activities that aim at improving the life conditions of the renting displaced and most vulnerable HHs.
In return, displaced HHs showed gratitued and thanks for YGUSSWP and YHF for their intervention and reaching them out



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