Because hygiene is of great importance in life and has many benefits such as preserving human health, the YGUSSWP has ended, in coordination with the SCMCHA / Amran, within the activities of the project to Provision of emergency, life-saving Water, sanitation, and hygiene services to the most affected IDPs hosting sites in Sana’a (Hamdan) and in Amarn at (Houth, and Khamer ) (Priority 2) funded by the YHF .

YGUSSWP finished distributing 571 BHKs in in Haradh, Al-madhlumah and Dhad sites  in Houth and Khamer districts in Amran governorate (Al-madhlumah 143 kits, Haradh 86 Kits, Dhad 342 kits).

During the distribution process, the team conducted awareness sessions on the importance of hygiene and how to maintain personal hygiene. .

On the other hand, the beneficiary HHs expressed their thanks and appreciation to YGUSSWP and YHF and their employees for their appropriate intervention and distribution of BHKs.




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