Yemeni General Union of Sociologists, Social Workers, and Psychologists

We are a non-profit, independent organization. It was founded on 20/7/2011.
It started its work with the start of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It seeks to meet the basic needs of the community through qualitative and relief projects. Through quality relief and development projects, it promotes cultural and social development through educational projects that aim and build on sustainable development and attract dedicated, reputable and experienced workers in relief work to alleviate the suffering of our people and to draw smiles on the well-being of our children and people.

Our messenger

The most reliable in providing the humanitarian response and integrated development services through a professional team that works impartially and transparently to serve the community.

Our vision

Better Society – Better Mental Health

Our mission

To be the most reliable civil society organization in the provision of integrated humanitarian assistance and development assistance through a professional team that works transparently and honestly to serve the community.

Our goals

  1. To promote social work and social careers so that they can take their place in the service of social objectives of society
  2. Establish specialized programs and activities in the field of psychosocial support and social work
  3. Work on the needs of vulnerable groups (girls – boys – women – men – old men) in all their forms and types and provide support and assistance to them in the fields of care, protection, health, water, food and shelter
  4. Participation in the humanitarian response according to specialized professional interventions for vulnerable groups affected by wars, crises and disasters)

We respect the right to access information including access to our policies and implementation mechanisms, as well as decisions taken and ways of implementing them in accordance with the rules and regulations.


We set high goals based on results and ensure that all our employees have the ability and ambition to achieve these goals to make a positive change in people’s lives.


We recognize the importance of neutrality and independence, and we are committed to the application of these values in the implementation of our development and relief.


We use the best technology to facilitate access to information so people can find and benefit from high-quality services.


We bear the consequences of our actions and aim to promote quality and access to equal opportunities at all levels of our work.


We appreciate and work to build sincere relationships with our supporters, donors, and beneficiaries alike.

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